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We actively partner with painting company owners to build lasting wealth.

Your story may be a lot like oursit was just a few years ago that our business could have been described as a paintbrush and a dream.  With great focus, our team has navigated the unconventional path of growing a painting business through active partners, and it has been the key to our journey of stabilizing our business and diversifying our assets.  Now firmly in our lane, we’d love to invite those of kindred spirit to join us in our venture of building lasting wealth in this industry… 


There are a lot of opinons around what partnership is and could mean in business…here is why we love it.

1. We write checks.

You have a pretty special thing going. That’s why we come ready to write checks and acknowledge what you’ve built today, all while allowing you to stay in full control of the business we grow together.

2. Everything we have is now yours.

Simply put, we’ve invested over seven figures to build out a custom software and perfect our processes so that they can be transfered to our people. As partners, all we have is yours, and you get full access to all of our continued investments in the business tools.

3. If you want, we can help operate.

Need some help hiring, or looking for someone to help run your company with you? As a partner, we’re in the trenches with you and not afraid to grab the wheel when needed. For some of our partners, that may mean eventually taking a back seat and letting our crew chauffeur the whole drive!

4. Leave a legacy.

Imagine a future where your employees, family, and community are blessed by your business, regardless of your direct involvement in the company. Join our familiy of companies on the journey of stabilizing your business and diversifying your investments.



Having spent years of effort with a seven-figure investment, our team has built the only "ERP" we know of for the painting industry. No more clumsy software connections, we've got a one stop shop for everything you need to optimize your painting business. Curious? Check out this quick overview of Wallogy.


Want to know how we estimate, sell, recruit, train, compenstate, business plan, or lead through new hires? No guessing required, as we've engaged one of the nation's top adult learning consultants to package everything we know in an organized and intentional learning modules for all of us in Aleph.


Jason - "The OG"

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